This ASMR type is all about the sticky sounds and changing visuals created by mixing. Below, you'll see slime of all colors and textures, with all sorts of wacky additives, and the list keeps growing every day as more and more content creators jump in and present their own creative takes on this trend.

Terms to Know

Classic slime (makes good sticky "thwock" and "click" sounds--can also be clear or translucent)

Clear classic slime with color and some glitter (very pretty)

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Slushee slime (classic slime + small clear ice-like beads for sparkle and crunchy texture)

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Floam slime (classic slime + small floam beads for extra cronch)

Glue floam slime (addition of white or clear glue gives superior cronch, texture, and lift--this is my favorite example)

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Butter slime (classic slime + Daiso clay for a super-smooth texture)

Multicolored butter slime (watching the colors mix is pretty)

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Cloud slime (classic slime + instant snow for softer texture--my absolute fav!)

Cloud creme slime (cloud slime + butter slime--I think? Super smooth and pretty)

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Icee slime (classic slime + fake plastic snow for more crunch than a cloud slime)

Jelly slime (classic slime with just a tiny hint of icee/slushie. This particular one is gorgeous!)

Fishbowl slime (classic slime + larger beads or charms to add more texture and poppable bubbles)

Straw slime (fishbowl slime featuring cut-up straw pieces--inventive!)

Jelly cube slime (classic slime + cubes of Magic Erasers submerged in it for extra squish)

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Iceberg slime (classic slime with a cotton-candy-like textured crust on top of it for extra crunch)

Butter slime with a unique pattern on top

Gorgeous pearlescent slime (very fine glitter mixed in)

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The thickest and creamiest classic opaque slime I've ever seen!

Adding the most beautiful ocean-blue loose glitter to clear slime

The softest and stretchiest cloud slime I've ever seen

Stretching butter slime with a comb

Slime-pressing with a tennis racket (most beautiful example I've ever seen)

Smooth gorgeous cloud slime drizzle (watch on mute)

Colored shaving foam on top of slime, crunched with a drain cover (the CRUNCH is awesome)

Slowly pouring what appears to be unactivated colored slime base