ASMR on Instagram vs. ASMR on YouTube

Most of the ASMR videos on this site have come from Instagram, and there's a good reason for that--Instagram has a strong and creative ASMR community with new channels being made and new content areas being explored all the time. The medium's focus on short videos helps anyone and everyone create ASMR content and put it out there, and the social media aspect helps content creators find each other and promote/encourage one another. Of course, it's the Internet, so there's a good bit of silliness and unnecessary hate flying around in the comments of any given video, but generally speaking it's the golden age of ASMR on Instagram right now.

However, it's also the golden age of ASMR on YouTube as well, with many Instagrammers also making YouTube accounts, and vice versa. Yet the two communities serve very different community needs and evoke very different styles. Here's what I mean:


  • Usually focused on the item(s) being manipulated
  • Little to no personal attention content
  • Little to no talking
  • Super short videos are good for bursts of relaxation


  • Content creator's onscreen personality is part of video
  • TONS of personal attention videos
  • Whispering is a default part of each video
  • Longer videos are great for falling asleep